Is It Time For a Consumption Cleanse?

Hey there,

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you put down the Cheetos and walk away from the tacos, I’m talking about what we consume by way of what we watch, read and hear. What we allow into our world.

Television, radio, movies, YouTube, social media, SnapChat, the internet in general, news shows, politics, magazines, we are constantly inundated with information to consume. And we can’t leave out the dirty gossip.

Everything we absorb has an effect on us. It shapes our thought patterns and eventually behavior.

Out of everything we consume throughout the day – which is a ton – how much of it benefits us?

I see it in my kids when they watch shows where the characters talk back to their parents and act like general assholes, my kids start to do the same thing. And then those shows don’t come back on in our house again.

But what about us? The more we are subjected to something the more normal it seems.

All of the noise we fill our heads with puts our own voice in the background, eventually drowning it out.

Consumption Counter

Take stock of what you take in on a daily basis. Is your consumption diet rich in things that uplift you, make you think, stimulate you, or make you feel good?

Or do you feel like you’ve just been beaten up and taken down, depressed, tired and disengaged, or like you just lost an argument?

You Are The Gatekeeper

Guard the gate to your world. We are quick to password protect our phones, lock up our homes and cars, but what about our own experiences and what we allow into our lives? You are way more valuable than any thing you keep locked up tight.

We have to wade through a lot of debris to get our hands on the good stuff, but do just that. Don’t let the standards you see on social media take reign over your life. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t, so turn it off.

Think of what you consume as fuel for your creativity and personal expression. You don’t want to run on low-octane garbage.

A few years ago I did a consumption cleanse and vowed to never watch another reality tv show about depressed argumentative wives again. Watching always made me feel agitated and angry, and that maybe my lips needed to be fuller. I also decided to ditch the magazines commonly found in the grocery store check-out line. The people and their drama I was reading about had absolutely no relevance to my life, yet they were getting my time and attention.

When we take control of what we consume, we give our own creativity a chance to grow, lifting the heaviness of negativity, gossip and comparison. We become lighter, happier and more optimistic, which is more in line with who we really are.

What worked for me may not work for you. You may love grocery store magazines and reality shows about housewives. And if they make you feel good, then get on with it. If not, then it’s time to change the channel.

Is it time for a cleanse? If so, cheers to a getting rid of the bad and only letting in the good. Your time and attention are two of your greatest assets.

I’d love to hear your experience. Please leave your comments below. It’s also a great way to stay accountable if you are starting a cleanse!

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Happy cleansing!



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