Come Get High With Me: (you’ll like it)The Mud Pie Mentality

And why we must SAY NO TO SLIME.

Have you ever made a mud pie?

The original mud pie made out of mud carefully selected from the front yard after a rain. You’ve got to mix just the right amount of dirt with the muddy water, making sure to not make it too soupy, tapping the sides every so gently, then you smooth out the top by moving your hand around and around until it’s just right.

And then?

And then nothing. Absolutely nothing. I didn’t eat the pie. I didn’t do anything with the pie. But I still made the pie.

The outcome wasn’t the purpose, the enjoyment of making the pie was the purpose. Feeling the mud in between my fingers, smoothing it out.

The adult mentality regarding creativity somehow morphed into production over creation. There needs to be a reason to create. Creation somehow stopped being enough on it’s own.

Paint just to paint? No way. Write just to write? Nope.

I need to get something out of it. And that something needs to be tangible, like a deposit into my bank, or a gift to someone. Somewhere along the way we got convinced that creating for the sake of creating is a waste of time.

And instead, as parents, we watch our kids do all the creating and we forget we still have it in us too. Like physical exercise, we need to create to stay balanced and connected and to let our energy flow through us. When we stifle our creativty, we stifle a very important part of who we are. We were born to create and do, intentionally or not.

When I react on a creative whim and do something just because my heart wants me to – for no other reason – it’s pure indulgence. Like I’m in the Elizabethan days wearing a pink lace dress and eating cake without a care in the world because I am the world and the world is me.

I have no idea why I draw that analogy, but whatever, the point is cake… and creativity. Creativity needs space. Creativity isn’t just for kids. We are all natural born creators and when we stop creating we stifle or essence. We cut the really impressive, glorious, expressive, unique part of ourselves off.

I used to do it ALL OF THE TIME. I’d never give myself a moment to play or experiment. And it made me way too serious.

When I create from inspiration not obligation the invitation for the universe to dance in my heart has been accepted. Even for a minute when I was a kid making a mudpie in the front yard – the world owed me nothing and I owed nothing to the world, instead we danced together, in sync, in harmony, as one.

That’s what creating feels like – the world inside of me expressing myself outside of me. Sometimes that looks like a bad painting or cookies that look better than they taste, or sometimes it reads like a badly written story on paper, and sometimes it turns into something that other people actually enjoy, but in the end it doesn’t matter. What matters is it exists because I allowed it to. Because it wanted to be here. I played because it was fun. I let my inspiration lead me because it’s the connection that is more important than the product itself. Though I certainly wouldn’t mind a NY Times bestseller one day. 🙂

I made a deal with myself – when I feel compelled to create, I do it. Even if it feels silly, or no one will like it. It’s not about the end result. Not for what may come of it, but because when I allow inspiration to come through me it’s a syphon to my spirit. When I’m open and set it free I feel expansive and alive and high. High on purpose.

Creativity is a syphon to our spirit. It’s a connection to a bigger part of who we are. When we let our creativity flow we become more of who we are meant to be.

So let’s do what we want our kids to do. Let’s play more, worry less, create, turn off the television, experience things first hand and stop saying no to that voice that wants to be heard through creative expression. It isn’t dumb or silly, pointless or unworthy, it’s actually vital to making the most of this life and doesn’t need to be justified or validated.

And we never know what the next thing may be: a mess or a masterpiece, so let’s make it … just in case.

Just please, no more slime. If you feel called to make slime, say no. We are protesting the slime labs. STOP THE SLIME. The kids must stop the slime. It is taking over our houses, our communities, our minds. NO MORE SLIME.

But anything else, do it. Do it with all of who you are.

Here’s to mud pies and no why’s. Let’s get HIGH.


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