Saying No to Empath Overwhelm

So you’ve figured out what the word is for feeling all that you feel: you’re an empath

Empaths are more common today than ever before. But at the end of a day, after bumping up to energy all day, being an empath can often times feel like you rode a roller coaster ten times in the rain and then stepped off and stuck your finger in a light socket – you’re fried.

Taking in so many inputs throughout the day, feeling your heart break over the sadness you witness and hear, the loud noise and constant buzzing our society has deemed as “normal” and then getting all the things done while attempting to manage your children and their needs (because you know what they need before they even utter the words) can keep us in an endless loop of feeling tired.

Our minds go on auto-pilot and we begin to shut down out of preservation.

But it’s not all bad being an empath. We tend to really notice the brightness of the wild flowers in bloom, the hawk flying overheard and the crystal clear eyes of our loved one. We notice and feel at a heightened level, however we label it – good or bad.

While empathy can feel like a struggle, when we honor it as a gift it can actually help our lives instead of hinder them. It is a gift we can share with the world through our vocation and within our families (please notice I chose the word help not save, precious empath) if we stay soft and open and don’t let the daily rigors of life close us off.

5 Ways to Avoid Empath Burnout

1. Honor Your Intuitive Hits – – Energy comes our way on a daily basis, we are essentially always decoding frequencies – from situations, from people, animals, conversations – and at times we even feel more than we see. (This is also called claresentience) We tend to blow off information we feel because we are a hard facts data driven society. Give yourself time to honor the information you receive instead of blowing it off. Write it down or say it out loud to give your intuitive feeling a voice. When you notice it you will know right away if it’s yours to do something with (take action) or if it’s not your monkeys not your circus, in which case you gotta let it go. Even imagining it is drifting away in your mind’s eye like a piece of paper and saying to yourself “you are not mine to hold onto” will help release it.

2. Set Boundaries and Stick to Them – – Fellow empath, we tend to be pleasers and attract relationships with people who are good about taking more than they give. This can range from emotionally, financially, time – or all across the board. This is where you have to get really clear on where you stand with your needs and where they stand with theirs. Pay attention to what’s important to you and notice how it feels when someone asks you to do them a favor. Do you say yes right away as an emotional response or do you get centered and decide if you’re saying yes to please them or yes because it’s something you are able to commit to based on time, availability and skill? Give yourself time to get back to them and don’t feel pressured to answer right away. Practicing this enough with allow you to let go of the pleaser aspect of yourself you’ve come to identify with.

3. Limit Social Media Interaction – – Social media gives everyone a voice, and it all has feeling to us empaths. The next time you are scrolling social media pay attention to how it makes you feel. Each post has a different feeling – we feel the person posting it, what they are saying, what they probably really meant by what they are saying, the approval they are seeking, the sadness, the genuine excitement, the love – we feel it all. So imagine feeling all of that while you’re scrolling- you’re feeling countless emotions within minutes.

Social media is a great tool to connect, but for us empaths it can cause us to run on high throttle if we aren’t intentional about it. Get out of the habit of scrolling when you feel there is a lull in your day or you have a free hand. Welcome the lull and let that be a place when you go within and focus on only your breath for a few inhales or exhales. (That alone will center you into your own power and lower your anxiety level tremendously) Save the scrolling for a time when you’re only intention is to notice the people you allow into your private mind and give it your full attention. Notice all you notice and how it impacts your nervous system. You’ll soon find it’s better to not interact with it all day, but instead save it for certain times.

4. Clear Your Energy Every Day – – So where does that energy we feel all day go? Sometimes it passes right through us, but some of it also sticks. Dear empath, we are like sponges. We absorb what we feel, and the real murky, dark energy tends to want to stick around. Set a time to clear your energy. I like clearing my energy in the shower. I imaging I am bathing in a white healing light and will say out (your voice has power!) “I let go of all energy that does not belong to me and I align with my true Source energy.” I repeat this many times until it feels complete. You don’t have to be in the shower to do this, you can just stand there and brush off the energy that’s on your body lightly with your hands. The intention behind clearing the energy is what makes this a powerful practice. Nothing can stay with us if we ask it to leave. We have the authority and power and responsibility to maintain our personal energy system.

5. Spend Time in Nature – – Nature vibrates at a pure vibration. There are no underlying intentions with nature. Remember when you were young you would play outside all day? That’s because you were in your element. It felt good to be among the trees and dirt and mother nature – she feeds us, there is nothing we need to deflect or protect ourselves from energetically. Get out there and put your feet in the grass (barefoot), even for a few minutes. Your body will absorb the negative ions from the earth and you will get a reset. Taking a few deep breaths outside is great too. Just get outside more often.

And please remember, dear empath, just because you can feel the world does not mean you need to save it. That is a misconception our ego wants us to believe. In fact, the world doesn’t need saving. The world needs us to be the best version of who we are. When we can connect with the highest part of ourselves, let the sh*t roll of our backs and allow the brightest part of our inner core truly shine, we will change the world just by our frequency. People will just feel better when they are around you because you are taking care of you.

There are many more tools I use to maintain my energy – it is an everyday exercise of balance. But noticing how you feel is really the key point. Let your heightened guidance system serve you, not hinder you.

Our bodies are vessels for the Divine.

Staying clear allows our internal guidance to be heard easily, guiding our lives into our true purpose and higher callings. You are meant for great and wonderful things, dear empath. Do not allow the negative, over-bearing aspects of our world weigh you down when you are meant to fly.

Divinely yours,

PS Annie, one of the two pound puppies we adopted a few years ago, is my snuggle go to when I need to wind down and get centered. Pets are so therapeutic and grounding. xx

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