Better than a stack of cash ?

While this time of year can be joyful, for many it can also bring increased stress, anxiety and an overall feeling of not having enough time.

‘tis the season ?

Many of us also tend to place a lot of our attention on making the holidays the most wonderful time of year for our friends and family at the expense of our own self-care. 

❌  Tired and stressed do not make a good recipe for a wonderful holiday season.

Especially if we are also grieving a loved one, and need to give ourselves more self-care and compassion, not less.

To invite more peace into our lives and honor the power and reverence this season can truly cultivate, I want to share with you my 12 Days of Inner Peace – a daily practice intended to ignite your inner peace and well-being. 

Starting Thursday, December 13th, I will send you an intention to focus on each day, an inspiring thought to start your day with and a 3-minute meditation that you can listen to anywhere and at any time.

In the grand scheme of things, dedicating 5 minutes a day to this is a tiny investment with big gains.

And, it’s totally free. ?

Becoming more peaceful within and ditching stress and anxiety – even a little bit – can make a huge difference in our lives and those we share our lives with.

And when we change ourselves, we change the world.

Perhaps the best gift of all. ?

Give the gift of increased inner peace to your precious self this holiday season. You are so worth it. 

Join me by clicking here.

I’ll put you in the group and we will be on our way to supporting one another for a peaceful holiday season.

You will join in with others who also want to cultivate more peace, and when we do things together we create even more momentum for a bigger impact.

Can’t wait to hear from you and start creating more peace together ❤️

Lots of love xo


PS Grab a friend or family member and share this commitment with them. Sharing causes us to open our heart, making even more room for inner peace to dwell within ?

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