How to Trust the Universe When You Get Bad News

No matter how together our life is, at some time or another we all sit on the receiving end of news we’d rather not hear.  No one gets a free pass from bad news.

I was wearing a red and white Spartans cheerleading uniform when I got the news from the man I was falling in love with – he had decided to take a job in Bogota, Colombia.

It was Halloween night and I had just begun to trust myself again after recovering from a divorce, and was getting used to raising three young daughters as a single mom.

The uncharted waters of single mom dating were new (and terrifying and bizarre) to me and I wasn’t expecting to meet a man I adored so quickly. Yet here we were in his backyard as he shared with excitement that he was moving to South America. This bad news was served up to me in Spanish – as in adios relationship.

I could have very easily taken this news and been devastated, stormed out of his life and be done with it, but deep down I knew there was more to the equation than the bad news I had just heard.

Everything is always working out for your highest good

The good thing about bad news is, it really lets you see how far you’ve come on your spiritual path. For me, in that moment, while I realized I was disappointed, I noticed (surprisingly) I wasn’t sad, angry or jealous. Instead I was truly happy for him. Taking the job in Bogota was clearly what he wanted, so I wanted that for him too.  I was still okay and happy, independent of where this amazing man was going to live.

Be in charge of your own happiness & don’t take the bad news personally

My spiritual practice at home had become such a daily discipline that I trusted the guidance and news – good or bad – that I received throughout each day because I knew that ultimately I am in charge of my own happiness.   I didn’t like the news this gorgeous man was giving me, however I knew it was honoring a bigger purpose, and it was for my highest good. Because that’s how life works – the thing that is happening right now is completely perfect in the grand scheme of things.

A disciplined spiritual practice leads to faith, and faith leads to trust

When our past pain turns into wisdom, we allow universal truths to come rushing in to our everyday lives. Because I was checking in with my inner guidance every day through prayer and meditation, I wasn’t shaken or detoured from a life that felt good – even with the bad news.

We are never being tested, life only shares various blocks and obstacles because we are interacting with other people who have their own thoughts, beliefs and ideas, and desires. This is what makes life so interesting, full of contrast and inspiration.

Taking time to check in with my spirit and my guidance gave me freedom from a situation that could have been painful. Instead of longing for what I was going to miss when he moved, I decided to soak up every moment until he was gone.

With trust, miracles can come alive

As it turned out this was his approach to the situation too. We had the best time leading up to moving day. On moving-day we cried and got snot on each other’s shirts and said our good-byes and left it at that, until we decided to meet again.

Through one miracle after another, we were able to meet all over the world. We adventured through Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica and Miami. This was the perfect scenario as we got to fall in love and share each other’s company on the weekends my daughters were with their dad.

I could not have planned a better situation – one that gave me time to get to know this man I would eventually marry, while also honoring the sacred relationships I have with my daughters.

Life happens through us, not to us

Bad news isn’t anything we want, yet it is the very thing that reminds us how tethered to our center we are. With a soul-centered life, choosing to trust that the universe is giving us exactly what we need, our life can flow through us and ultimately miracles can unfold.

Saying yes to the bad news

On one of our visits to Ibiza, Spain, the man that once told me he was moving to Bogota, Colombia, got down on one knee as the sun was sinking below the sea at Benirras Beach and asked me to marry him. With our friends and strangers cheering us on, I said yes with a heart full of faith, trust and love. This time I was saying yes to good news – good news that never would have arrived if I had not first said yes to the bad news.  The time he spent in Bogota taught him so much about himself, and it taught me a lot about myself. It was exactly what we both needed to grow into the adults that would marry and create a life together.

Bad news isn’t the end of the story, only a fork in the road that can lead us to higher ground if we choose to go.  Bad news can be sacred guidance leading us to the best possible outcome blessed with miracles and pleasant surprises when we are open and guidable. The universe is constantly guiding us to be the best version of ourselves.

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Trust and know the universe will never lead you down a path you aren’t ready to walk on. Even the bad news is good. It’s all leading us to where we want to go. xo

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