Need More Energy? Surprising Ways You May Be Losing Energy (& How to Get It Back)

Could you use more energy?

Okay, so maybe that’s an obvious question.

But, if that second cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it, you may need more than a caffeine fix.

When it comes to the energetic quality of our lives we tend to think matter-to-matter.

For example, if you eat greasy (yet delicious) french fries and a cheeseburger, your energy may crash sooner than if you eat a kale salad.

Although a food coma is a real thing, your diet isn’t the only thing that affects your energy. 

There is a field of energy around and within you that sustains your life. This energy is the effect of your thoughts, feelings, actions and overall connection to the world around you.

You are constantly creating energy, receiving energy and expending energy. In other words – there’s more to you and me than meets the eye. 

Your Energetic Bank Roll 

If you think about it in terms of a bank transaction,  every morning when you wake you are given a new energetic bank roll.

Let’s say your initial morning deposit is $100. This energetic currency is deposited into your life and body every morning as you wake. It’s up to you how you spend your new deposit of energy.

If upon waking you immediately start thinking about the problems you’re facing, or worse, the problems from your past, then before you’ve wiped the sleep from your eyes, you have spent part of your energy. 

You may hand out $20 to your past, $20 to a current worry, and then you’re left with a balance of $60 before your coffee cup has touched your lips.  Poof, $40 gone. Only you didn’t buy anyone a round of drinks at moms night out last night. 

Every choice you make has an effect on your energy – it either adds to it or takes away.

As you go about your day you may hug your kid and get a deposit of energy from the very choice to tap into the limitless energy of love you share. 

And soon after you may be reminded of someone you don’t like, and just like that – $10 of energetic currency is gone. (Maybe more if you really can’t stand them.)

Before the day is over your energetic bank account has been deposited in your past, in other people and circumstances, and not much is left for you and your life.

But let’s say you decide you’re going to start your day differently. And so you wake up with gratitude in your heart. You sip your coffee and feel grateful for it and your life. You feel your feet walk on the floor and feel gratitude for the safe home in which you live. You feel grateful for the people in your life and the warm water that falls down your back in the shower.

Not only are you not spending your new energetic balance, you are building momentum and leveraging your investments for higher returns.

When you make a choice out of fear, based on self-doubt or insecurity, then you are withdrawing grand sums from your energetic bankroll. The effects of this can ripple over into the bigger picture and plan of your life.  Regardless of how “big” or “small” your choices may seem, every single one of them matters and has an affect. 

The energetic quality of who you are, the thoughts you think and the actions you take play an imperative role in your life.  Even the thoughts you think in the privacy of your own mind effect your energy. 

I by no means am implying this change of thinking is easy. It isn’t easy, and often time we need help (this is where a great life coach or therapist comes in!), but it’s worth it.

And I want to be super clear – this isn’t about thinking positive thoughts.

Gaining and maintaining your energy is about about identifying how you really feel to understand what your truth really is. Get  in touch with yourself in an unfiltered way beyond the stories that play out in your life.

Manage your energy wisely and you get in touch with your optimal potential.

3 common Ways We Misuse Our Energy & How to Take it Back

1.Be Grounded in Your Life  – – How safe do you feel being yourself? A very common energy “leak” is feeling unsure about where you are in your life. Do you feel unsafe? Do you feel disconnected from the flow of life, or are you feeling grounded and certain? If you are feeling unrooted ask your intuitive guidance to reveal where you need to feel more grounded in your life and begin to lean in.

2. Know What’s Authentic for You – –  Are your ideas being pursued? Do you know your inner passions? Not acting on this can deplete your energetic system quicker than a 14-year-old girl at the mall can deplete your bank account. Ask yourself where you are in connection to your inner passions. Take a baby step TODAY to act from a place of inner inspiration. If that’s painting a painting or starting a garden or writing – act on a creative impulse to express your authenticity.

3. Nurture Your Self-Esteem and Worth – –  Are you self-deprecating? We all have parts of ourselves we’d rather not face (it’s often referred to as our shadow-self), but we are not all shadow. Accepting all of who you are – without judgement – anchors you in your self-esteem and worth. We are all works in progress. When you can drop the false beliefs of perfection or not getting it “right” then you can pour that energy into your self-esteem. (This also amplifies your intuition, but more on that another day.)


There are many other ways we dispense energy (sometimes unaware). I’ll discuss some of them this Saturday, May 18 at the monthly live session I’m hosting.

If you’re local and want to join us, grab your spot below. This topic is so rich and deep I’m excited to work on specific ways we burn through energy and how we can get in back.  I’ll also lead the group in a guided meditation.  

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Just like your bank account, when you start over-leveraging your energetic account and spend more than you have, the effects can bleed into all aspects of your life.  This is why it’s so important to be really aware of where your energy is going.

Invest Wisely 

Be a wise investor of your energy. When you increase your energetic wealth you will have more to serve yourself and others with, which is one reason (I believe) we are here – to serve one another.

And finally, we all go through seasons of our lives. If you feel like resting, rest – you could be in the season of winter when it’s essential to go inward and reflect.

There is a difference between knowing when it’s time to stop and recognizing when your overextending your energetic bank account. Honor what’s true for you and take action (or no action) from that place.

Get Investments Going Before Bed 

At the end of each day before going to sleep, ask yourself where you left your energy. Call it back to your body so it can be reorganized while you sleep. Pay attention to where you sink important energy on places, situations and people that are empty investments. If you notice things from your past, get clear on cutting the cords and become prudent with your energy.

Awareness is a crucial component in your energetic bank account. It’s like the bank vault keeping your account safe.  Check in with what’s true for you and reassess new choices. It may make all the difference in how you feel tomorrow.

Speaking of Great Investments… 

Writing to you is one of the most wonderful uses of my energy. (It feels amazing and I love doing it!)

Thank you for taking the time -and energy – to read it. My intention is that you leave reading this feeling more abundant in your energy than when you began.


With lots of love, 


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That was amazing, Danielle! We do need to learn to keep our energy levels higher throughout the day. Choosing activities that bring us up or looking at life in a different, more present and loving way is very important. We need to be far more mindful.

Thanks, Kathy! You are the original dance in your living room teacher. Still one of my fave things to do!

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