A gratitude practice I love + a new guided meditation

We’re halfway through 2019, which is a great time to check in with where you are this year. And while you’re looking over your list, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of things to be grateful for.

One of the best ways to get more of what you love is with a gratitude practice. And one of my favorite gratitude practices is creating a mandala.

Mandalas (which means circles in Sanskrit) are created out of many different things and have been a part of meditation and spiritual practice for thousands of years.

It takes time and attention to create a mandala, and for me, using that time and attention to focus on gratitude makes creating a mandala an active from of gratitude.

More gratitude = more of what you want. 

My family and I are vacationing on the beautiful island of Maui. While my husband cooked dinner for us and the kids played with birds chirping overheard and waves crashing in the distance, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

I gathered fallen flower petals from the gardens around our rental house and created a mandala. It feels wonderful to put gratitude into form this way, and I was pleasantly surprised my kids wanted to join in and help.

As you look over your list of what you are grateful for in the first half of 2019, consider creating a mandala to represent your gratitude.

Practice alone, or invite your family or friends to join in and feel how powerful this practice can be.

This act of gratitude is an amazing way to get ready for even more things to be grateful for in the next half of 2019. 

Thank you to those who joined me last week for the Lighting the Way gathering. Part of our session we spoke of lifting off the clouds that dim our inner light.

Just as gratitude for what you love is important, getting clear on what’s ready to be released is important, too. 

I created this guided meditation – Lighting the Way – to amplify your inner light and burn away any darkness that may be clouding your lightest, most brightest self. You can listen to it here:

If you create a mandala I would love to see it!  Please share a picture here. Claiming what you are most grateful for adds momentum for more of it to come your way.

2019 is only halfway done – I can’t wait to see what you create!

With lots of love and gratitude,


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