Access the Part of You That Knows (+ new guided meditation)

Beneath the busyness and chaos of your mind is a calm, centered part of you that is infinite. This is the part of you that knows your highest purpose in this life and your next most aligned action.

It is the part of you that chooses from a place of love, never feels fear and knows its pure strength and power.

This is also the part of you that so easily gets overlooked.

Because we live in a “get up and go” world, many of us do exactly that: we wake up and go. We face the outside world before we take a breath and focus on the world that is within us.

The paradox is, while we all have this knowledge within us available to us at any time, we keep ourselves from going there and getting it because it’s not something we were taught to do.

We just don’t have the time, we tell ourselves. Or even better – we can’t do it!

So what if you flipped the script? What if you decide today that nothing is more important than your well being or sense of calm? What if today you decide that nothing is more important than feeling good and tapping into the rich knowledge that swells beneath the surface of your thinking?

If you have a decision you need clarity on, or just want to gain access to your inner guru, I’ve got a new guided meditation for you. You can access the meditation through SoundCloud here:

The Latest Guided Meditation for You

Guided meditations work wonderfully because all you have to do is sit back and listen. When your mind wonders off, just bring it back to listening. It’s a fabulous way to train your brain and body to stop sit, stay and be.

Because, in all actuality, it’s not really time that we don’t have, it’s discipline.

Most of the time our time is spent on auto-pilot. To make a new habit you’ve got to consciously choose the new it every single day until it becomes second nature. Until your body decides this is something you do.

Why Spend Time Meditating?

Meditation is a date with your soul. And what better relationship to cultivate than the one you have with your Higher Self?

This is the place where all of the answers to all of your questions reside, where your authentic power lives, and where the simple knowing of “all is well” breathes.  We all have it, with no exceptions. It’s up to us to discover it then go there and be with it. We have to make the effort. But when you do, your life will begin to change and the frazzled, stressed out, fearful, depleted version of you will not be around as much. Instead, the calm, decisive, wise part of you will be living your life. Joy is a natural side effect of living from your soul-centered self.

Is a Happier, Calmer Version of You Worth Your Time?

This is the ultimate question. What matters to you most? You can tell by what you spend your time on. Challenge yourself to spend time in the stillness. The returns on this investment are infinite!

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