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The Rich Rewards of Ritual & Ceremony (even my teens like it)

As a kid, going to church was a Sunday family ritual. I didn’t know it was a ritual at the time. It was just something we did.

Yet as I view it with my adult eyes now I can see that it was the routine of connecting to my spirituality that I enjoyed so much. The act of prayer, family time, learning sacred texts and sharing a connection to the invisible brought me peace.

Sorting through the dogma of religion later on led me to experience and know spirituality separate from going to church. Though deep down I missed the ritual, ceremony and the community it brought.

Fast forward to life now what I savor and enjoy most about my work is the ritual and ceremony I am able to share with others. It’s an undeniable joy in my life.

Bringing Ceremony Home

Upon returning from Glastonbury, England from a weeklong ritual and ceremony of events with other women this past summer, I knew what I wanted most was to invite the art of ceremony into my family life.

With three daughters at home, the call to recognize their sacred feminine inspired me to perform a ceremony to honor two of them who have crossed the threshold of feminine maturity.

Other than showing them the ins and outs of feminine hygiene products and talking to them about the function of their bodies, I didn’t do much else to honor their transition.  I didn’t think to do more as I wasn’t exposed to anything grander or more intentional myself. 

But there was a longing in my heart after my experience in England. On the plane ride home I began to plan what I would do to honor my daughters in this transitional time of their lives.

I brought holy water home from Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, a gorgeous silver chalice and two moon necklaces which I placed in moon boxes I made for the girls. (They were boxes I put various gifts in honoring their femininity.  I decorated the boxes myself – – not fancy but sacred still.) Then I asked close family members to write letters to the girls with words of wisdom and things they wished they knew when they went through their transition. 

The ceremony took place under the tall oak trees in our backyard. 

I really thought the girls would roll their eyes at me and laugh. But to my surprise they didn’t.

They followed me down to the spot in the shade and sat with me in a circle around the table I had prepared. They listened to the words I shared about their divine feminine nature. I prayed over them and had them write down what they love about themselves most now and the kind of women they want to be.

They drew goddess cards from the oracle deck and heard tales of wisdom that has been past down woman to woman. The wisdom of our bodies and the deep connection we have to nature. They drank holy water from the chalice and were blessed by the moment, by prayer and by me, their mother. 

The girls opened their moon boxes with smiles on their faces. They read the words that were written for them, and were deeply grateful. To my surprise, not one eye was rolled. Instead they hugged me and thanked me for days – DAYS – afterward.

There wasn’t a guidebook I followed for the ceremony. Instead I followed what was pressing on my heart. 

I believe this is what ceremony is all about – what we feel called to do and share with those we love.

My youngest daughter looks forward to her ceremony. A far cry from me when I was young, dreading the day my body would transition into womanhood. 

This is the power of ceremony and ritual. It changes the scope from which things of this human life are viewed. It brings recognition of divinity into our human lives. It showers moments with sacred meaning and opens our hearts to deeper connection. 

The monthly gatherings I host have become a ritual. At our last gathering I combined a ceremony with them too. It was beautiful, authentic and powerful.

Our next two gathering have been marked on the calendar. If you plan to attend you can register here below.

In October we will return to our inner balance to create outer harmony in our lives. It’s crucial to create intentional space to get back to our true nature of inner calm and peace. This will be a Friday night well spent.

Inner Balance Outer Harmony
Friday, October 18 @ 7-8:30 pm:

In November we will take a look at sacred relationships. What they are, how to recognize them and how to know when it’s time to end, begin or nurture one.

Sacred Relationships
Saturday, November 16

You are always welcome to bring a friend, loved one or come alone.

In the meanwhile, is there an area of your life where you are craving ceremony and ritual? If so, go for it. Don’t judge, over think or question if you’re doing it right. Let your heart lead the way and create sacred time that lights you up and amplifies your heart.

With lots of love,


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