Empowering Your Future

This is it, the last day of 2019. If you had to give a word for your 2019 experience and your decade long experience, what would it be?

Growth, clarity, change, transformation, forgiveness, love, devotion …  Is there a word that encapsulates all of these? That would be my word.

What about all of the things you’ve decided to not align with anymore?

For me, I’ve made the intention to stop myself when I get stuck in the insidious trappings of judgement, victimhood and self-doubt. The triple threat.

My heart has been telling me for a long time that these feelings won’t allow me to open up to my full potential. It’s up to me to notice when I go there and to redirect to compassion, empowerment and love. It is an in-the moment decision to redirect. Easier said than done. But, as I once read on a dish towel: Once you get tired of your bullshit, you’ll change.

To bridge the emotional aspect of this into a tangible part of my life, I brought in a ritual of clarity. With clarity of what I don’t want to bring with me into a fresh new year and decade, I held a ceremony giving myself permission to surrender what closes my heart. I wrote on pieces of paper what I’m ready to surrender and I threw them into the raging fire my husband prepared for me. I physically let them go.

Judgement: I won’t get stuck in the trappings of judging myself or others. I choose instead to notice the judgement and lift it to love.

Victimhood: I am no longer a victim of my past, a circumstance, a relationship, thoughts or beliefs. I am a powerful creator of my life. No one and nothing can take my power away.

Doubt: When self-doubt creeps in I will tune into my heart. Discernment will replace doubt. I trust what my heart says.

As the paper transformed into fire I knew the heaviness of the untruths were lifting off of me. It was a visceral feeling.

The Power of Your Intention

Intention is powerful medicine in your life. I felt the weight of what I had been carrying release when I tossed those papers into the fire. I know the real work is ahead of me in the upcoming days and weeks and months. But I’ve set the foundation. I’ve set the scaffolding for my future and how I will handle judgement, victimhood and doubt when it comes my way. I have a plan.

To have a plan is to invite change in. A plan lays the tracks for transformation.

What are you ready to let go of? What do you not want to invite into your future?

I encourage you to honor what you want to surrender with a ceremony. It can be simple – you can burn a piece of paper over your kitchen sink, or do like I did and toss it into the fireplace. The details aren’t as important as the intention behind the process. It’s the intention that shifts the energy. It’s the intention that makes it so powerful.

Decide what you’re ready to let go of then rewrite the script of how you’ll handle that feeling when it comes up. Give your brain a new path to follow and watch it unfold in your life. 

Whatever you choose, when you elevate to higher frequencies, such as love, gratitude and compassion, real change will occur. And all those dreams you have for the coming year have space to come true because you created the space for them to flourish.

Our last gathering of 2019 was beautiful. Thank you to all who showed up with open hearts and willing souls. It was gorgeous.

I’ve made the guided mediation during our session available on SoundCloud. It’s an empowering meditation that connects you to the future you who is calling you forward.  Have a listen here.

Meet Your Future Self Guided Meditation

Don’t Miss January’s Session:

January 2020 is on the calendar. We will dive into what it means to trust your heart. As you live a life where the dreams of your heart unfold, it’s important to pay attention to the language your heart speaks. Your heart is where your wisdom and clarity are held. This session is all about connecting with and trusting your heart. It will be a great way to stay focused on the dreams you have for the new year.

Register here:

Save the date for 2020 sessions

What Will You Take to Your Future?

2020 is ripe with possibility. It’s time to stop playing small, to dream big and really envision a life your heart is calling you toward. What will you take with you in the new year, new decade? It is always and only up to you what you will experience. What resonates with your heart now? Choose that and hold onto it throughout the year.

Gratitude + Looking Forward

I look forward to growing our community in 2020 and beyond. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me this past year. I’m inspired by your commitment to change and can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in the upcoming year and decade.

Keep sharing your light. You are changing the world.

Lots of love,




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