4 Mind Myths That Keep You Stuck + Your Dreams on The Backburner

Greetings from the other side of the holidays.

I feel like I finally know what day it is. 

Though I have to admit, I enjoy losing all sense of time and connection to my calendar. It tells me I’m really checked out from my analytical brain and living from my heart. 

If you’ve been following along with me the last few weeks, then you know the vision boards have all been done. We burned what we don’t want to bring with us into the new year and we’re ready for now. 

The new year is ripe with possibility, adventure and all of those things your heart desires.

So how do you get there?

To create something new in your life requires change. Something will have to give.

Say you buy a new sofa for your living room. You can’t just put it on top of the old one, the old one has to be moved.

So the question is: for your dreams to manifest this year, what will be moved in you?

If the heart is where our authentic dreams are born, then it’s the heart that is the conduit to having our dreams come to fruition in our reality.

The guidance your heart gives (also known as your intuition or intuitive mind), is where the yearnings of your soul can speak.

For anything to change the heart has to be heard and action has to be taken.

Most of us are living our lives from the recycled thoughts we think in our pretty little noggins.

The heart takes a back seat to anxiety, fear, doubt, guilt, shame, etc. – the old dependable thoughts we go to when change and discomfort begin to emerge.

The mind is essential (obviously), but it’s also the thinking mind that pumps the breaks on change. Even Albert Einstein lived from and credited his intuitive mind (his heart) for the miraculous downloads he received.

For your rational mind to be in service of your heart then you’ve got to hear clearly what your heart is guiding you to do. It’s then that you can decide what thoughts you need to think to be in service of the greater good that’s brewing deep within.

To live from the heart means the heart has to stay open.

How do you maintain faith in your future after the glue has dried on your vision board?

Here’s where the rubber meets the road, my friends. Here’s where we have to dig in our heels and change the inside so the outside can update to our new level of being.

There’s a lag time between our thoughts becoming things.

This is where we get stuck.

To cross to the new side where your dreams come alive then you’ve got to know where your mind tries to trip you up.

From my own experience and through coaching clients, I’ve noticed we’ve got a few things in common. Our roadblocks aren’t so unique. So I’ve compiled a list of the heavy hitters and sneaky Pete’s that tend to mute and muffle what the heart wants to tell us.

4 Mind Myths That Keep You Out of Your Heart + Talked Out of Your Dreams 


1. There’s No Time

My mind really likes to use this one. There’s just no time to create or do or become xyz.

Does this sound familiar?

If it does then know this is the quick response your mind has to shushing your heart. We’ve somehow been seduced by the illusion that there is no time to do what we really want to do.

Look closely at what you’re spending your time on and ask yourself – does this get me closer to my dream? Does this feel good?

Take a day and really pay attention to where your time is going. Notice and write it down if you need to. (Check in on your screen time usage on your phone.)

Are you creating something or consuming? If you’re spending more time consuming than you are creating, then you know you’ve been sold a bill of goods by your mind.

Redirect the thought by saying: I’ve got all the time in the world. How I spend my time is up to me.

2. I’ll Be so Grateful When…

The dangling carrot – – when I get the car, the job, the relationship, then I’ll be grateful.

Everything you attract into your life gets there because you are energetically aligned to it.

Meaning, the frequency your body emits through thoughts and feelings (when awake you’re like a microwave  – constantly pulsing energetic frequencies) calls in your experiences.

So if you want a new car, you have to already think and feel what it is like to have the car. Then you are in resonance with what you desire.

BE grateful now and upgrade your vibrational resonance to be in congruence with your dreams.

3. Once this Happens I’ll Feel Like I Accomplished Something…

In other words, I’ll feel worthy and whole when… This is a dead end street, you’ve got to turn around. Or better yet, reach for higher ground. You are whole and complete NOW.

Your accomplishments pale in comparison to the massiveness that is your soul. You don’t have to do a thing to own this. All you have to do is EMBODY it. BE it.

Notice the trick your mind plays on you telling you you aren’t worthy yet, then redirect with your heart.

What are you waiting to do before you really love you and notice your wholeness? Redirect those thoughts with the truth: I AM whole and complete now.

4. It’s Just Too Hard

This may be the one thing your mind tells you that’s actually true. Change is hard. You’re going to look discomfort right in the face and your mind will tell you it’s too hard. This is where the battle begins.

But fear not, because you’ve been here before and you’ve won.

When you learned to walk you didn’t master it the first time but you kept going.

As a kid your childlike spirit kept propelling you into accomplishing something that would be fun and exciting to do, so you stayed focused and it happened.

That was before the thought patterns of doubt, guilt, shame, etc. had taken root. That’s when you lived from your heart, naturally.

Now, as an adult, the thinking mind has been in control for so long it may seem impossible to have it move from leader to servant,  but it’s not.

Like the school teachers on the first school day after winter break, you’ve got to prepare. You’ve got to have your tools ready and available, and you’ve got to know what you’ll reach for when the mind charges at you.

Amp up your spiritual took kit and keep it at the ready. Know you’ll need it and reach for it when it’s go time.

Does Your Spiritual Tool-Kit Need an Update?

To stay in your heart you’ve got to be connected to your spirit. Here are the go-to’s in my spiritual tool kit:


This is the time you give yourself to get into your heart. To listen to the whispers. Carve out some time (heed the excuse “I have no time to meditate!”)  and give yourself even a minute of heart-centered focus.

Every Monday I post a one minute guided mediation on Facebook and Instagram. Even one minute can make a change. Links to each are below.

Join the Monday Minute Meditation on Instagram and Facebook  

Community & Connection

We need each other, and as you navigate the waters of a freer you, support is crucial.

Nurture the ones who support you. Share your dreams with them (or even just one other person.) And place yourself in the company of others who support your most authentic self. Commit to a time when you will do this.

Every month I host a gathering at my home. It is a powerful in-person way to stay connected and uplifted and true to your spiritual journey. If you feel called to join, you can register here.

Monthly Circle + Guided Meditation


Music has a magical ability of changing the energy in a room and your body. A certain tune can be just what you need to reawaken that childlike spirit that still lives in you.

Create a go-to playlist that opens your heart and smears a smile on your face. (Spotify is my BFF) Crank up the volume when anxiety, fear or doubt want to creep in.


When you find yourself in your head, your spirit has left the building. It’s time to get grounded in your body.

When you’re fully present in your body your spirit is with you too. Take a walk, feel the sun on your face, join an exercise class, hop on your bicycle, or lay on the ground and feel the earth beneath you. Nature is a wonderful bridge to reconnect to your true nature.

Question Your Thoughts & Write Them Down

So often when my thoughts are swirling in my mind when I write them down the issue doesn’t seem as big anymore.

Dump your thoughts out to really see what it is that’s keeping you out of your heart. This is also a good tool to use to notice a thought that is out of alignment with your dreams.

The more you notice your thoughts the more you become aware of the subconscious program you’re running your life on, and the bigger opportunity you have to choose a new thought.

Get a Spiritual Mentor or Guide if You Don’t Have One

Even the greatest NBA players need a coach! Get with someone who “gets” you and who you feel comfortable sharing your vulnerabilities with.

Not only is it important to feel truly witnessed, when you’ve got a good guide you’ve got someone who will focus on your strengths and cultivate the wisdom that is already in you.

If we’ve never worked together, you can book a free 15-minute phone consultation here to see if we’re a good fit.

Stay True to Your Heart

There’s a big misconception that to stay true to ourselves means we’ve got to beat ourselves up when we don’t stick to the plan. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Sure, you’ve got big dreams and big goals, but you don’t have to rule with an iron fist.

This tactic actually keeps you further away from becoming your next best version. 

It’s all about allowing, watching, witnessing and loving your future into existence. Be kind to you. Love you. Know your worth. And keep your heart open. That’s where the magic happens.

You are a soul experiencing humanity. The portal to your soul is your heart. 

I believe when there’s a world full of heart-centered human BEings, then our world will be blanketed in peace and love. When you feel good you just want others to feel good to.

So remember, your dreams actually matter to the rest of us. Don’t give up on you. Keep your heart open and let it guide you into a new reality.

What about your mind myths? Share your experience, what works, and let me know if these tips help. I always love hearing from you.

Lots of love,

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