How To Bend Time in Your Favor

I can claim with certainty that your life has been sprinkled with many take-your-breath-away moments. You know those deeply moving moments in your life where time seems to stand still.  

Maybe it’s the time you first looked into someone’s eyes as you felt a deep sense of love for them wash over you.  Or maybe it’s an experience of joy you never anticipated.  Or maybe it’s the time you had an idea seemingly plop into your mind that changed the course of your life. Or that one time on the dance floor…

The ancient Greeks referred to these moments taking place in Kairos time: the time between time where serendipity takes over and infuses life with something beyond our humanness. 

The time that ticks on the clock, sets your alarm, gets you to work and helps plan your birthday dinner was referred to as Chronos time. Chronos as in chronological, linear. Beginning, middle, end. Start and finish.

Bus schedules, school schedules, weekend tournament schedules, appointments – all Chronos time.

Clearly we need Chronos time. It’s essential. But for most of us we’ve taken out Kairos time all together. Which would be fine if we were just linear humans living a linear life.

But, we’re not. We’re more than that.

We are souls having a human experience.  

So it makes sense when we succumb to the idea that only linear time exists, we feel rushed and like we don’t have enough time.  Especially to do the things we really want to do.

When no time is spent on soul time, we can feel disconnected from the whole of who we are.

If you find yourself rushing more than reflecting, or pushing more than allowing, you may be squeezing out the magic of a moment that’s trying to reach you. 

Last week I talked about how not having enough time is a mind myth that can rain on our dreams-coming-true parade. And it’s true.

This is not a race to the finish. (We all know what happens when we’re finished.)

This life is your soul’s opportunity to weave a beautiful thread through the tapestry that is our collective existence.

Now, I’m no seamstress, but I did watch my grandmother sew. Before she pressed on the pedal of her Singer sewing machine, she carefully threaded the perfect shade of thread through the tiny needle, and lined up the material just-so to follow the pattern.  Then, she pressed her small foot down on the pedal and rhythmically stitched form to the formless.

(Side note: this is also how she drove:  on the gas, off the gas, on the gas, off the gas. We zigged and zagged our way to church every Sunday morning.) 

When we balance Kairos time with Chronos time we anchor into our heart – where our soul speaks – first, then we push on the pedal and drive. 

If you’re feeling rushed or out of time for things that are important to you, you may be pressing on the pedal before you’ve sunk into your heart space. 

When one of my meditation teachers was asked what meditation does for him, he simply responded: “It slows down time.”

This is what happens when we anchor in the heart first – time slows down.

Maybe it’s because the moment expands when Kairos time is present. The intuitive, creative parts of our soul are given space to rise to the surface and breathe into our lives.

While mediation is a great way to start your day in your heart space, there are other things you can do to crack the Kairos time code and get into your soul:

3 Ways to Stop Rushing Through Life + Enjoy Creating It Instead

Leave Before You Need to + Take a New Route:

Monotony can keep you tethered to the part of you that feels rushed or out of time. Find new routes to take when you’re driving to the grocery store or picking the kids up from school. When we take a new route we notice where we are now because it’s not predictable.

I’m in my car a lot and enjoy finding back roads and other scenic routes. Not only does it keep me paying attention, I often find beauty in unexpected places – which leads to the soul-opening feeling of inspiration.

Take Heart-Breath Breaks:

Throughout your day stop and breathe into your heart. The breath comes so easily to us that we forget it’s power. The breath is the soul embodied. Imagine breathing into your heart. You can place your hands on your heart to feel it. This takes seconds and can open you up to the serendipity of Kairos time.

Do Things Backwards:

If you normally put your pants on first, start putting your shirt on first instead. Start shopping on the opposite side of the grocery store.  Sit somewhere different in yoga class. Brush your teeth using the other hand. Wash your face after you brush your teeth. (or vice versa.)

Breaking the pathways of “normal” softens the rigid connection to Chronos time, and creates new pathways in your brain. (bonus!)

I know for me when I’ve pushed through things because I want things to go on my terms it never goes easily.

Surrender to the multi-faceted part of you – your soul – and watch the divine speak to you through your life.

I believe the Universe has something bigger in store for us than we can possibly imagine. Stay open to pleasant surprises. Slow down Chronos time by inviting Kairos time to the dance.  We don’t have to rush around to get it all done.

We can create soulful moments in human time. We don’t have to wait for the extraordinary moments to feel in touch with life.

We can choose to connect with the ordinary in a way that feels extraordinary. We can choose to see with fresh eyes and feel with open hearts. But, like everything, it is a choice we each get to make for ourselves. No one can make it for us. 

To step into soul-time now, I’ve created this guided meditation for you. (It’s 10 minutes long, so totally doable. 🙂

Listen here:

Every challenge is an opportunity to drop back into that space that bridges your human life with your soul – your heart.

When you feel rushed, drop into your heart. Be still. Question what’s really rushing you. Wonder what it would be like if you got the things done you needed to get done without feeling that way. Make priorities. Follow through.

See yourself calm, un-rushed and enjoying the dance that is your life. You have nowhere else to be but here, brave ones.

You can experience soul-time at our next live guided meditation, January 26 at my home in Southlake. If you’re local and feel called to join us, we’d love to have you. You can get details and register here. 

Until next time 😉


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