Loving Your Body: Self-Love Series

Take a look at your hand. Go on, look down at the hand holding the device you’re reading this on and really take a look at it.  What do you see? 

I  see a hand that looks older than it did. A new freckle. More skin. Pretty painted fingernails. A hand that has changed countless diapers, said goodbye to my dad with one last touch to his hand.
A hand that combed my grandmother’s gray hair for the last time.

A hand that has been at my beck and call for a lifetime. Always willing and able to chop, cut, type, curl, lift, caress – whatever I’ve needed it to do.

A hand that for years was put to work for others before it was told to take care of me. A hand that now finds itself more often placed over my heart as a means to connect to the sacred gateway that resides in my chest.  An always abiding hand. A hand I  seldom am thankful for.

The nature and connection we have to our body is a precious relationship. Yet we are taught to pinch and poke and find all the things not right with the body we get to inhabit.

Instead of viewing our body as a vessel for the soul, we view it as who we are. As something that needs to be fixed, changed, morphed or fit into those jeans.

As we go into our third week of self-love month, let’s make a new vow to the bodies that so willingly give our spirit a residence in this lifetime. 

Your body is the means to you being here on earth. It’s how we get to enjoy the breathtaking sunset, taste the most delicious chocolate cake, feel loving hugs that are exactly what we need in the moment, hear music that makes us want to move, smell the scent of a rose that causes us to breath even deeper. And so many other insanely wonderful things. 

Self-love is taking care of yourself, and this includes your body.

Your body wants to work for you. So it tunes in to all the thoughts you think and it abides. Your body hears your thoughts and responds to you.

What you tell your body, how you feed your body, how you move your body, how you rest your body – these are all the ways you can love your body. 

Love you, love your body 

To truly honor the body, we’ve got to be in touch with it.

This isn’t about a rigid diet plan, or exercise strategy, but a genuine connection to your body and giving it what it needs. 

Giving your body a precious resource: your time

Take a moment to have a conversation with your body. Tell your body how grateful you are for all it does for you. Notice your body, your beautiful face, your skin – – notice it without judging it. Then ask your body what it needs. 

My body needs more water, daily exercise, a good night’s sleep, appreciation, green juice in the morning, quiet time, less screen time, a nice hot bath with epsom salt, fresh air, some good stretching and music. My body loves music.

I don’t always give my body what it needs, and that’s okay. But most of the time I do. That’s all we can ask. Most of the time is progress.  Even one time is progress.

Progress, not perfection, in the name of self-love is always enough. 

Your body is this amazing avatar filled with wisdom waiting to be uncovered by you. Let your body speak to you. Listen. Hear what it has to say. Then love it with intention and devotion.

Especially the parts of you where loving doesn’t come so easily.

Love the stretch marks, the saggy parts, the flat parts, the hairy parts, the scarred parts, the aging parts, the achey parts, and all the parts that make up the perfect vessel in which your soul resides. It is a gorgeous way to be here, these bodies of ours. 

What would happen if we loved our bodies without condition? If we spoke only kind, loving words to it? If we praised it for it’s magic and it’s resilience? If we gave it what it needed despite not feeling like it?

I  think it’s time we find out.

Let’s love the wild and beautiful body we each get to call home – – the body that has been serving us since the day we were born despite how it’s been treated. Love it for what it is, not for what it can be if or when, but now. This very moment your body will respond to your loving thoughts. This is how closely the body listens.  Watch how your body responds to your love. 

As for me, I’m going to go pour myself a tall glass of water and be thankful there are no longer any Girl Scout cookies in the house. (My body really doesn’t need any more of those. 😉 

With lots of love,

PS This Sunday is our monthly gathering and you are invited. Love all the parts of you inside as out as we focus on self-love. You can register below.

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