What is driving your possibility?

It’s already feeling like spring as we close out February this week. Daffodils are in bloom sharing their brilliant shade of yellow and the birds in the backyard are making more noise than before. Spring is springing up.

I’ve done a lot of talking (and writing) about self-love this month and how vital it is to love you. I believe it is the secret to a wonderful life.

At our gathering last Sunday I posed the question to the group:

“What does self-love mean to you?”

Here is what filled the room:

  • Self-love is self forgiveness. For any and all of the parts of the past. 
  • Self-love is giving yourself grace when you don’t quite hit the mark.
  • Self-love is acceptance – truly accepting all the parts of you. This is how shame and guilt are transformed. 
  • Self-love is a belief in a brighter future – even when present day reality isn’t giving you any bread crumbs. 
  • Self-love is self-knowledge. Because when you know who you are, then you know your baseline is love. 
  • Self-love is the only thing we can keep from ourselves, and the very thing we need above anything else to evolve to a higher state on consciousness.
  • Self-love suffocates unconscious living.
  • Self-love is your birth rite. 

Self-love isn’t narcissism. It is a humbling act to truly love yourself and see yourself with compassion.

How we love ourselves is how we love others. That’s a big one so I’ll write it again. How you love you is how you love others.

There is no division. The level of love you hold for yourself is the well you draw from to love others.

With a full heart, you just want to give, share and spread what’s in your heart. It’s almost impossible not to. Self-love aligns you to you mission.

Self-love is not only about  you.

When self-love is your foundation you can open up to a less fearful life. While intellectually we get this, it is important to embody self-love.

Which means, we have to pay attention.

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Pay attention to how you honor your life. Pay attention to what makes you proud. Pay attention to the story you tell. Pay attention to the people you share your life with. Pay attention to how worthy you feel. Pay attention to how you love your body. Pay attention to your priorities. Pay attention to the words you use. Pay attention to your beliefs. Pay attention to your emotions. Pay attention to what you need. Pay attention to what you expose yourself to.  Pay attention to what brings you joy. Pay attention to what moves you. Pay attention to your dreams. Pay attention to how you dismiss what you really want. Pay attention to your heart.

Attention is where self-love begins. By focusing your attention (which is a powerful way to focus your energy) on love you double down and subscribe to a new world.

By loving you, you not only create a life you love, you will be the example for everyone you share your life with.

To quote my mother-in-law, Peggy, “Love multiplies, it does not divide.”

So if you give yourself even a drop more love than you did yesterday, it will make a difference. Not only to you but those you love. When love is amplified it knows no limits. It truly does reach the rest of us.

When you love you, you love us.

As we continue to venture through this shift in consciousness, self-love will be the guiding light that gives us the passageway to reach new heights of understanding, cooperation instead of competition, compassion, forgiveness and service. 

It all starts in the center of your heart. Love yourself into a new reality.

Self-love is the serum that will transform hate, bigotry, abuse and even dis-ease.

Sometimes it’s the most simple solutions that cause the greatest effects.

What are the ways you intend to love you? Share in the comments below.

Does self-love have a meaning to you that wasn’t listed above? Share with us here. A rising tide lifts all boats, and as we share with each other we lift each other up.

Thanks so much for being a part of this community. I love us.

With love,

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