Life Simplified: Thriving on Less

For those of us sequestered in our homes, our lives have become more simple.

In my home we are replenishing food every two weeks, eating what we purchase (with no complaining!) and reaching in the back of the pantry to the overlooked boxes of food and either using them or throwing them out because they have expired.

Even with that, we are  making fewer trips to the garbage can. There is less waste.

We also aren’t buying as much, and certainly not frivolous things.

The kids are hitting creative strides and creating with and painting things they already have. (Did you know you can dye your hair with washable marker? 😱 My 13-year old can teach you.)

Somehow this locked-up life has given us a newfound freedom. The demands of consumerism have loosened their grip on us. 

Don’t get me wrong – the kids still ask for things and want things. The Easter Bunny had a list to work with, but it isn’t a constant request of dining out and shopping.

And it feels really good.

If you were to sit down with some of the greatest teachers of love, compassion and gratitude that have ever walked our planet, you may notice they have a few things in common. One of those things is they didn’t fill their lives with things. 

Connection to other hearts was more of value to them than connection to things.

Since I am far from mastering this myself (even though the beginning baby stage feels pretty good), I thought I’d share some quotes from these great masters to maybe inspire you in this time of life when things seem to be stalling. (They’re not, we are just being asked to grow in new ways.)

Less is More. Love is Most.

This simplification of life is calling us to expand in ways we can not see. To grow our hearts, not our desire for things. To crave the connection to one another we so carelessly took for granted.

We are being asked to look at what really matters. And, according to the great masters, the reward will be long-lasting. 

Of all the change that has happened in my home, I sincerely want to continue this concept of expanding our hearts while simplifying our lives.

We are getting by on less, and our happiness quotient has risen. 

I’m sure we will have a bunch of stuff to give away when we are allowed to reconnect with the public, which will free up more space not only in our home but in our mind.

With a clear mind a heart can open. And it’s there  – in the heart – where our most precious gifts reside. 

Maybe this forced way of living is a gift in disguise. Not the pain and hardship many are facing, but the opening it is giving us all – an opening into our heart.

As always, I am holding our first responders in my heart with gratitude and love. We think of them often as we sit down to eat dinner with fresh food, as we hear of another person who has recovered, and those who are suffering now, and as we see images pop up on our social media feeds. The heros are among us and we are forever grateful.

Sending you all love during this time and always. Please know I’m still seeing clients via ZOOM and regular call. This time is triggering a lot of emotional wounds that are ready to be healed. If you or your children need help, I’m here.

OK, here are those quotes I promised. As we thrive on less, these are really good reminders that it’s working for us. 🙂




Some simple words with lasting meaning.

I hope today’s post has served you in some way. Have you found joy in simplifying? I’d love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below.

Until next week, keep shining your light. 



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