Fate or Destiny? Only a Choice You Can Make

How are YOU? Or maybe the question is, who are you becoming?

As we all take a ride on this cosmic ship of awakening with the moniker of COVID-19, you may be feeling something stirring in you. Something you haven’t really felt before, or perhaps don’t know how to articulate, but something is there, brewing. Beckoning you to walk toward it, or allow it in.

We are entering into a new age of enlightenment where we have been stripped of our daily distractions and facing uncertainty, head-on.

Perhaps you are noticing your true feelings about relationships you keep. Maybe even the relationship you with keep with yourself. Maybe you’ve noticed where parts of life feel forced, or not in alignment with your heart. Maybe you’ve felt lonely, or frustrated, or fearful, or joyful, full of grace and loving. Or all of the above in the same day.

These feelings aren’t new, but amplified. Like someone put a magnifying glass on life and zoomed in.

How Long Will You Let The Visitors Stay?

Feelings and emotions, while they feel so concrete and sure, are only temporary guests in the house that is you. Some feelings and emotions may feel out of your control, but all are visitors and you get to decide how long they stay.

When you witness your thoughts and feelings they can unclench their grasp from your life. Notice the thoughts that pass by your mind like clouds. Notice the emotions that flow through your body like water.

There is something very powerful about being your own witness. Instead of judging the experience, or attaching and outcome to it, be the witness to it. Notice when the waves are choppy, or calm. This puts you in the Captain’s chair of the boat that is your life. Fate or Destiny

Recently I’ve witnessed many of you go through the pains of transformation. It isn’t easy choosing a new life for yourself. There are demons (emotions and the connection to victimhood) that need slaying, and it’s not a walk in the park.

Some of you are in the throws of this right now, and it’s you I have in mind with today’s message.

Although it is challenging to sort through and choose the emotions and feelings you want to live by, it takes a certain type of warrior to complete the journey. 

In a reality where most people complain about their lives and blame others for their experience, you are choosing to change. You are the warrior choosing to create your own destiny instead of allowing the fate of life to unfurl.

 Destiny Points

Every belief system, thought pattern and emotion that causes you to feel like a victim in your life that you are choosing to change, you are choosing your destiny.

Every moment you decide to no longer need them to change for you to be happy with your life, you are choosing your destiny. Every moment in time you devote to your heart, mind and soul – – you are choosing your destiny. 

These are your destiny points. Tiny little moments that pack so much power.

Nelson Mandela chose the destiny of his life and his country while sitting in a tiny jail cell. An extreme case, but none-the-less and example of how powerful your choices are. The emotions, thoughts and beliefs you choose to hold onto guide the course of your life.

Fate lies at the feet of victimhood. A warrior who chooses her own destiny rises up and decides to not stay there. 

No matter what your past has been, or what you are currently facing, your life is asking you: do you want to choose how to decide this outcome? Do you want to choose your destiny? Because you can.

While mystical in nature, the terms fate and destiny are not ambiguous. They hold deep meaning that your soul can resonate with.

You don’t even have to look back at your life to determine where your life is going. You can start today, from the launchpad that is NOW. Now is a destiny point if you choose it to be.

I am truly humbled by you for rising to the occasion that is your destiny. It is hard right now, and you are doing it. YOU ARE DOING IT.  It may seem like the road is long, but you are moving faster than you think. You are gaining momentum. You are getting stronger.

Thank you for choosing to not buckle and play the role of victim when there are so many reasons to do so. Thank you for continuing on when it feels like you’re going against the grain. Thank you for allowing your mind to be seen by you and your heart to be anchored in devotion. You are summoning a greater strength and it will be returned to you in ways you can’t even imagine.

This is what destiny does: it surprises you with its outcome. Fate is predictable. Destiny works with miracles. 

Today’s message is more like a thank you letter. I see you, warriors of destiny. Thank you for helping this world change by first changing you.

If you know someone who is a warrior of destiny, reach out to them and tell them you appreciate the hard choices they are making. Tell them you see them. It will give them strength, and what we give comes right back to us. Or better yet, share this message with them today.

I am inspired by you and uplifted by your courage. And I am always, always here for you. Thank you for sharing your path with me.

Keep shining your light,


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