Helping the Helper

We Are The Helpers

Checking in on you, helper. There’s a lot going on in the world right now and so I thought I’d share something with you that’s helping me.

There are a lot of heartquakes rumbling in my heart these days. Those things that shake the heart until it feels like it’s breaking.

Watching tragedy unfold in Haiti where they’ve been hit yet again with a massive earthquake. Our relentless forest fires. The women clinging to their last moments of freedom in Afghanistan and the masses running alongside carrier planes to escape. The wreckage in our own School Board rooms, fighting in our communities, a virus ripping through our schools,  and people I love fighting for their lives. The heaviness wants to dampen my spirit. BUT, I just can’t let it.

I can sit and stew, or I can sit and brew. Brew up more light, more hope, and let the heartquakes open me up to new ways of seeing and helping.

I originally recorded this meditation on my phone for myself. I read it on Mindworks and loved the wording. It’s an old practice called Exchange Meditation. Essentially, you breathe in the darkness of a person (place, event, etc.) weighing heavy on you and exchange it for the light in your heart. It’s such a quick way to recenter and stay open that I decided to record it for you, too. It’s short (only a few minutes) and I find it to be grounding, hopeful and helpful.

If you’ve got a few minutes, have a listen and maybe it can help you, too. 


Guided Meditation 

It’s a wonder what a few minutes can do.

In the meanwhile, leave a comment below to connect, or let me know if you found this helpful.  If you know someone that needs this, pass it along.   This is how we help each other.

We are the helpers. May we help one another and brew more kindness, compassion and fierce confidence in our good.



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