Meet Danielle

Hi, I'm Danielle.

Thanks for visiting my website. 

I've created this space to share the essays I write, the meditations I create and hopefully get to know you in the process.

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I'm trained as a life coach, six-sensory teacher, meditation guide, and yoga teacher yet my deepest passion is writing.

I once heard Cheryl Strayed, author of many wonderful books, with her most recognized memoir, Wild, having been turned into a movie, say "I  didn't write Wild because I did something cool, I wrote Wild because I'm a writer."

This is how I feel.

Pen to paper, words on the screen, if you read any of them and resonate with even one thing I write, then it's gravy, as we say in Texas.

A family girl at heart, I get to share my life with my husband Dan and our beautiful, blended family and our two rescue pups and cat in Southlake.  Seeing the world and sharing it with these souls is one of my top favorite things to do. As is reading a good memoir/ novel - something I hope to publish soon, tending to my small little garden and being surprised with what grows, car ride conversations with my kids, and connecting with other deep sea divers (the metaphorical kind).


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