I wanted to let you know that the conversation we had was one of the most life changing experiences in my life. I had an "aha" moment... I feel lighter and not angry. It is truly a 180 degree change!

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Words can’t express how amazing I think Danielle is...
She pulled me out of one of the worst times in my life! I am better now than ever. She has a different perspective than anyone I have ever worked with... knowledge, kind and strong!

Johanna K.

I was struggling emotionally and full of self doubt when I started meeting with Danielle. With her guidance, I'm learning to change my negative thought patterns and am starting to feel a sense of inner peace and self acceptance. She has taught me to look at myself in a whole new way, with love and appreciation for who I am and what I am capable of. I'm thankful for my time with Danielle and appreciate her passion for helping others to make changes for the better.


My experience with Danielle was in reality very simple. I had two mindsets and she showed me how to change them into one. The process and techniques she gave me served as an insurance policy for my new attitude and behavior. They reminded me that I was in the process of change and it never stops.


Danielle has brought clarity to pursuits in my life and pushed me to take action. She holds me accountable for doing something after she helps connect the dots. Now my dot to dots are actually turning into pictures instead of random dots and numbers.


Danielle is one of the most raw, real, no-nonsense, rays of light I've met. In the time I worked with her, she helped me completely re-shape my mental approach to, well... most everything. After working with Danielle I'm "in my head" WAY less, I feel more brave in following paths true to myself, and everything I do feels more genuine and fruitful.


Danielle has been a sweet blessing in my life for a few years now. As a busy mother, entrepreneur, caregiver for an elderly parent & seeker of my own truth, I needed a coach. She has been instrumental in helping me heal old wounds so that I could move forward into the life I was created to have. I consider her one of the most important spirit guides in my life. She is a teacher & is so good about listening, guiding & providing tools to help her clients grow. I am forever thankful that the universe blessed me with Danielle ❤

Shana B.

After my first appointment with Danielle I felt a weird boost of confidence that I wasn’t used to. I listened to her wisdom and took the time to change. I love how accepting and uncritical she is.

Ali E.

Danielle has helped me tremendously through what has truly been the most challenging time of my life. Her understanding, guidance, and love for me has made a difference in my life journey. I can truly say I would not be where I am today if not for her. I highly recommend Danielle to anybody looking for guidance through life's journey. If she could help me, she can help you as well.


Danielle’s coaching is transformational! She has inspired, encouraged and given me strategies and tools to manage my mindset for success. She is always in tune with my situation and leads me to higher grand. Nothing but love comes to me from Danielle. My life would not have been the same today if I had not been referred to her. I have referred all the people I love and care about to Danielle and will continue to. Thank you for being amazing!